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Park Expansion to Feature Unique Additions

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Earlier this week, Waldron city leaders announced plans to add two very unique additions to their new city park.

One of those is a Bankshot Basketball Court. A Bankshot course consists of a varying number of stations, each with a uniquely shaped Bankboard. Each Bankshot requires a different banked shot to score. Players may use a scorecard to track their score as they shoot increasingly difficult shots at each of the stations.


There is no running, no jumping, no offense and no defense. Participants play alongside, not against each other creating equality for everyone. Non-aggressive, accessible and inclusionary variations.

The other addition is a dinosaur dig. Most children love dinosaurs and what could be better than to uncover one? Parts of the skeleton protrude from the sand it is buried in to grab the attention of the child who then starts digging!

Both of these additions will be unique to the park. As Waldron Mayor David Millard says, “good things are happening in Waldron!”

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Tammy Teague
Tammy Teague
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