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Part 1 of 24 Secrets To Make Your Life Easier


Let’s face it. We are all looking for things to make life a little easier on us. Check out this three part series as we bring you 24 secrets to make your life easier! Each week we will give you tips and life hacks to help make your life a tad bit easier!


Do you have a dirty toilet with lots of stains?
Before bed, place one to two packages of Lemonade Kool-Aid in the toilet.  Give it a light scrub and let the lemonade set inside the water over night without flushing.  The toilet will be squeaky clean the next morning!

Pesky Pests

Did you get stung by a red wasp or a bee?
Immediately rinse your sting with bleach and then cover the sting with butter.  Next, wrap your sting up in a band aid or gauze. Be careful if the sting is around the ears, eyes or mouth.  We do not recommend rinsing with bleach in those areas as it could cause more harm than the sting!  If the area stung is unable to be rinsed with bleach due to the location, we still recommend covering with butter or margarine to help elevate the heat and the burning sensation of the sting. 


Does your headlights have a dirty film on them?
Use toothpaste to clean your car head lights.


Want to keep your cookies fresh and gooey?
Place a slice of bread in with your cookies to keep them soft while they are stored in your air tight container.


Do you stress at Christmas time every year because of the extra cost of shopping? 
Now is the time to think ahead! Buy a gift card with every paycheck.  Do this January through November. Then, use those gift cards in November and December to shop for Christmas!


Does your kids love Disney Characters?
Write a letter to your favorite Disney Character and they will send them an autographed postcard.
Attn: Rapunzel
Walt Disney World Communications
P.O. Box 10040
Lake Buena Vista, FL

Beauty Hacks:

Did your mascara run out and you are late for work?
Try adding 4 to 5 drops of saline solution or eye drops to the mascara bottle.  Then insert the wand and stir and you are back in business!  You can repeat this two to three times because mascara typically dries out before half of it is actually used. 


Did the Stomach Bug hit your house?

An old wives tell says to prevent the spreading to everyone in the house, drink 8oz of 100% grape juice three times daily. 


Do you need to give a speech or sing a song in front of a crowd and have a scratchy throat or dry mouth?
Before entertaining, eat a small snack size bag of plain Lay’s potato chips to coat your throat.  The grease from the chips will help coat the throat for smooth talking and singing. 

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