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Part 3 of 24 Secrets To Make Your Life Easier


Wondering if life could possibly get any easier? It can! Try using some of these life secrets in our Part 3 of 24 Secrets To Make Your Life Easier!


Do you have dirty tennis shoes?
Use Nail Polish Remover to clean the rim of white around your shoes.
Still not getting them clean?
Try making a paste with white vinegar and baking soda. Use a coarse cloth to clean your converse!

Pesky Pests

Do you have problems with gnats at your kitchen sink?
Fill a mason jar half way with Apple Cider Vinegar.  Poke holes in the lid.  Place the jar near your kitchen sink. The gnats will fly in the jar through the holes, but they are unable to fly out!  They will be trapped inside your jar. 


Does your car have a smoker’s smell or a horrible smell you can’t get rid of?
Place unused coffee grounds in a vented sealed container. Now, place the container under the car seat.  The coffee will absorb the smell!


In a hurry and burnt your batch of cookies for the church dinner or bake sale? 

Save the cookies!  Take a cheese grater and grade off the back of the cookies that is burnt to hide the evidence! Or, if you have time to make a new batch, take the burnt batch and crumble and store in a Ziplock bag in the fridge for ice cream toppings for later!


Stressed out because you must buy for too many people on a small budget and you always spend over the amount you had originally planned?

Plan and decide how much you want to spend on each person on your Christmas list.  Place the amount of cash for each person in an envelope labeled with their name.  Now, shop for only that amount.  Once the person has no money left in their envelope, you are done shopping for that person! Plus, you have an envelope labeled with their name to store the receipts of the purchases you made for them incase an exchange is needed. 


Does your kid hate ice packs but have a bump on their head or knee?
Try placing large marshmallows in a Ziplock bag and freezing.  It makes a great ouchie pack that is soft and not too cold to place on the area that’s been injured!

Beauty Hacks

Does your eyeshadow always break, and you throw it out?
Don’t throw it away again! Instead, make it into lip gloss.  Take the broken eyeshadow or even your blush, crush into a fine powder, and add petroleum jelly to make a paste for lip gloss!


Are you nervous about your day or have a big speech to deliver?
Try an early morning workout before your big day to boost your endorphins.  This will help alleviate your anxiety!

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