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Patriots of Act 746 Host Political Luncheon


On Saturday, June 29, approximately 90 plus members of the Patriots of Act 746 gathered at the Western Sizzlin’ restaurant in Fort Smith for a luncheon.

Several legislators also attended, as well as political hopefuls. The guest speaker for the event was current Lieutenant Governor, Tim Griffin. Griffin spoke about his political past, education, his stance on taxes, and citizen’s Second Amendment rights.

Griffin commented that he did not believe taxes should be raised one cent. “Government should not ask for more money unless they can prove they’ve spent what they have wisely.”

Griffin fielded several questions and comments from the audience regarding conceal carry laws. “I may not always agree, but I don’t take it personally. I want to have a discussion on this.” Griffin went on to add that he had contacted Colonel Bryant with the Arkansas State Police, and that he was informed that the law “implies” that you must have a permit to carry a weapon concealed. “I told him thats not how the law works, and that in order to get a conviction, it must be clearly stated.”

He conceded that there is much work to be done and that change is needed. State Representative Marcus Richmond followed up by adding that “change in democracy is like trying to cut down a 100 year old tree with a dull pocketknife.”

POA 746 Representative Dan Borum said that’s exactly why the group was formed. “That’s why we are here. The patriots are all about education.”

Sebastian County Sheriff Hobe Runion also addressed the group. He praised the citizens and prosecutor in the county for being pro Second Amendment. “We live in an area where we are very fortunate. Law enforcement are respected and it’s not uncommon for people to be carrying.” When asked directly if he had an issue with a handgun being carried openly or concealed, he responded, “I do not have a problem with it.”

The group, 17,000 members strong statewide, continually challenges lawmakers, and according to one founding member, Gary Epperson, they are standing in the gap for liberty. The local POA is a grass roots group that protects and advances our second amendment rights in Arkansas. We invited these candidates so people can come out and visit with these people face-to-face and not rely on the media and commercials.”

Epperson added that the group is open to anyone and encourages citizens to become educated and involved in the election process. “We don’t see Republican, Democrat or Libertarian,” stated Epperson. “Party is no issue. It’s about right and wrong. People have been lied to for generations, because people didn’t know how the law actually read. You’ve heard the saying, a lie told often enough becomes the truth.”

POA 746 is planning to hosts several town hall meetings before the 2020 election. For more information on that or any other upcoming event, you can check out their Facebook page.

Members of POA 746 gather for a luncheon.
Members of the POA 746 listen to guest speaker, Lieutenant Governor, Tim Griffin.
POA 746 representative Dan Borum (right) listens to State Representative District 21 Marcus Richmond as he speaks on citizen’s rights to Constitutionally carry.
State Representative District 97 Harlan Breaux speaks at POA 746 luncheon.
Sebastian County Sheriff Hobe Runion shares his insight on the Second Amendment.
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