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Pirate Community Gifts New Camera To Biggest Supporter


One of Resident Press’ sports photographers, Malinda Mizell, recently received a generous gift from her Cedarville community. According to Mizell’s friend, Lillie May, her camera was worn out and she had been saving for some time to purchase a new one.

You see, the students, parents, and teachers along with the rest of the Pirate community all rely on her talent of photography. Malinda attends every game, band concert, cheer competition, field trip, and church camp. She also photographs senior pictures and church baptisms.

“She attends literally anything that the kids are involved in,” stated May. “She captures these moments in our kids’ lives. She does this for free of charge!” God placed it on her heart to bring the need to the community. May acted on that spiritual nudge one evening during a game. A group message went out to those sitting in the stands of the Cedarville gym.

Malinda Mizell

“As soon as everyone heard…BOOM! We all came together..I wished you could have been there and seen it happen,” added May. “Here was Malinda doing what Malinda does, taking pictures of everyone’s kids on the court. So many in the gym were moving around making their donation and she was never the wiser.”

The coaches and refs led the special presentation. Mizell received a standing ovation of appreciation, a reciprocating act of love from her own beloved community. “We thank you for taking pictures of our kids…we really appreciate you capturing the moments of our kids’ lives. Malinda, as you look through the pictures of the crowd tonight, that’s your friends that love and appreciate you!”

The residents of the Cedarville community are grateful to Mizell for her years of dedication and with humble gratitude shared with her a small token of appreciation. “I am speechless. So blessed and humbled. All I can say is thank you. Thank you to all who pitched in on helping me get a new camera,” Mizell responded. “Y’all have totally blown me away. I love taking pictures and capturing memories for our kiddos and I love y’all for doing this even though you really shouldn’t have. It just melts my heart…Thank you.”

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