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POA 746 Seek Clarity on Gun Laws


President of the Arkansas Liberty Coalition and Scott County resident, Gary Epperson, along with members of the group, Patriots of Act 746, are spearheading a push that would provide clarity to gun laws, specifically, a resolution that affirms that Arkansas is a constitutional carry state.

Epperson was present when State Representative Brant Smith of Jonesboro presented HR 1013 on Thursday, February 7. He wasn’t alone, more than 30 other members of the POA 746 were also present. Smith presented the resolution, along with testimony from fellow Patriot Tim Loggains.

“This resolution is not something that is to make a new law. It is simply to provide our leadership with direction for law enforcement. This is to help avoid lawsuits and save the tax payers money on civil suits,” commented Epperson.

Smith asked members of the Judiciary Committee to provide that clarification by passing House Resolution 1013. That resolution calls lawmakers to recognize the 2018 case, Jamie Taff v. State of Arkansas, where the Arkansas Court of Appeals affirmed that open or concealed carry without a permit is not a violation of Arkansas law.

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Loggains commented that the purchase of the concealed handgun license remains necessary for traveling outside of the state. He added that it’s also important for making a federal firearms license purchase.

State Representative Marsh Davis, a republican from Cherokee Village asked, “Is it not true that outside this building today, the citizens of Arkansas are open carrying and exercising their constitutional right as Arkansas citizens?” Loggains responded, “Not only are they open carrying, but they’re concealed carrying without a permit all over the state and not getting arrested because they’re not violating the law.”

Smith’s proposal was met with equal opposition, however. State Representative Nicole Clowney, a democrat from Fayetteville, expressed concerns that the resolution would “further muddy the waters.” State Representative Charles Blake, a democrat from Little Rock, expressed similar concerns stating “We shouldn’t try to interpret statutes or case laws through a resolution…”

Smith responded to the criticism stating that waiting on the Supreme Court’s interpretation would only further delay the clarification citizens deserve. Following the Taff ruling, the State of Arkansas had a window of time to file an appeal to the Arkansas Supreme court. Because they did not, that ruling will stand.

The members of the House Judiciary ultimately decided to delay the vote until Tuesday, February 12.

The following is the results of HR1013 in House Judiciary. State Representative Dwight Tosh asked for “due pass,” for immediate consideration. After a voice vote, a roll call was requested and here are the results:

  • Representative Carol Dalby-Chair
  • Representative Rebecca Petty Vice-Chair
  • Representative Stan Berry: NO
  • Representative Charles Blake: NO
  • Representative Sarah Capp: YES
  • Representative Nicole Clowney: NO
  • Representative Andrew Collins: NO
  • Representative Cindy Crawford: YES
  • Representative Marsh Davis: YES
  • Representative Charlene Fite: YES
  • Representative Jimmy Gazaway: NO
  • Representative Don Glover: NO
  • Representative Spencer Hawks: NO
  • Representative Douglas House: ABSENT
  • Representative John Maddox: YES
  • Representative Laurie Rushing: ABSENT
  • Representative Jamie Scott: NO
  • Representative Matthew J. Shepherd: ABSENT
  • Representative Brandt Smith: YES
  • Representative Dwight Tosh: YES

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