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Preparing for Power Outages

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After our first winter weather event of 2023 we probably all have a better idea of each of our own preparedness levels for power outages. If you find you were unprepared (or were spared and kept power the entire time) hopefully this will help!

The time to prepare for being without electricity is while you still have it. Take inventory now to know what you need to pick up.

Things to have on hand include-

Gas in vehicle(s) in case of emergency and gas for generators. 

Flash lights and extra batteries to go in them. 

Easy access to extra blankets

Shelf stable foods that don’t require heat to eat

Water in case something happens to water

Propane if applicable

Hot hands can be very beneficial for keeping warm



Kindling for fires

Hygiene products- dry shampoo, baby wipes,etc. 

A few tips if you find yourself without power-

If it’s cold and there is no source of heat, or even if there is, using a small camping tent in the house to sleep in and be in can provide more warmth than just being in a room with blankets.

Don’t open your fridge or freezer unless absolutely necessary. A fridge will get warmer significantly faster than a freezer, though. If it’s below freezing (or below 40* F) outside consider placing your refrigerator contents in coolers and setting them in a shady spot outside. Food should stay at a safe temperature in a fridge for 4 hours and a freezer full of food should remain safe for 48 hours. If power is not on and snow is available outside consider bringing some in in a container to pack freezers with. 

Unplug appliances to avoid damage to them from power surges.

In preparation start your generator and allow it to run. 

Charge your phone and devices when the weather forecast leans towards power outages possible. 

Power outages are unpredictable, even when the forecast looks like power outages are inevitable sometimes you may be fortunate and retain electricity, then on a random day with blue skies the power can go out. It’s important to prepare ahead of time. Having a bin with supplies ready to go is the best way to be prepared! 

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Madison VanRavensway
Don't let her quiet nature fool you. Madison is a force to be reckoned with in the outdoors, or creating amazing recipes from scratch.
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