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Rattlers XC Makes A Run For It At Caddo Hills


The Magazine Cross Country Rattlers have more legs than a bucket of chicken. And after dominating yet again in their most recent meet, there is good news and bad news. The good news is that the Rattlers are just getting warmed up in their cross country season. The bad news (for the competition) is that the Rattlers are just getting warmed up in their cross country season. In cross country, running is the name of the game. And after this past weekends Caddo Hills Indian Run, it’s evident that the Magazine Rattlers have established that skill.

Running the 5K for the boys’ Sr High team was Carter Ryan who grabbed 17th with his time of 17:10. Joseph Posey hooked 39th with a time of 19:51. And with a time of 25:49 was Hayden Davis rounding out at 59th. Junior, Carlee Parrish was the lone runner for the Sr High girls’ team. Parrish conquered 15th place with her time of 23:51.

Carlee Parrish

For the 2400 Meter Run, it was the boys’ Jr High squad that really stole the show. Finishing with an 11:27 team average, the boys finished the meet with a third-place victory. Sam Warner snagged second place with a run time of 9:20 while Allen Newby bagged 10th place at 9:48. AJ Maloof commanded the 19th spot with a time of 10:18. And rounding out the 38th and 56th spots were Aiden Carter and Jaxon Pickartz with their run time of 11:52 and 15:58 respectively. The only runners for the Jr High girls’ team were ninth graders, Charity Crawford and Trinity Bull who wangled 45th and 46th with their times of 14:46 and 14:49.

The Magazine Rattlers will compete in their next cross country meet on September 24 in Clarksville.

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