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Reapers Football Comes To An End


At the end of March, sports fans across the River Valley were introduced to their very own semi-pro football team, the Ouachita Reapers. Calling Waldron their home for season one, the Reapers stepped on to the scene ready to dominate the field and start making a name for themselves. Playing teams from Louisiana and Texas along with local teams from Hope and Little Rock, the Reapers might not have had the season that they had hoped for but they definitely never lacked in heart and determination.

“As a whole, despite what the final record was, I feel the season was a success,” stats Reapers organizer Wesley Schuller. “The men I have on this team went into every game knowing they were basically going to be playing the full game both ways and went into it head first and didn’t blink. Always understaffed and short-handed, the guys still played their hearts out for me, their team, and our area.”

“The Reapers will be taking a month or two off to enjoy our summers with our family and then we will begin meeting again to start getting in shape for next season. We will be getting our bodies right and start studying plays to prepare ourselves while also playing some padded 7 on 7. For new guys interested in joining the Reapers I urge you to contact us. We are planning to take a BIG step into year two and we need your help to be a part of it!”

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