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Safety Tips for Your Horse Trailer

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The first step to take when traveling with your horse is to follow all safety precautions. Many may think to double-check precautions that keep your horse physically safe and sound, such as ensuring the temperature of the trailer is not too hot, wrapping your horse’s legs with protective gear, and giving them plenty of water and hay. However necessary these steps are, keeping your trailer up to par is just as important. These safety tips for your horse trailer will keep you, your vehicle, and your horse safe.

Towing Abilities

Whether you are purchasing a new trailer and truck or using the same equipment as always, double-check the towing abilities of your hitch and vehicle. Make sure that both are able to withstand the additional weight when your trailer is full. Otherwise, you run the risk of the trailer breaking loose from your vehicle. 


When gearing up for traveling with a horse trailer, run through a checklist to ensure the trailer and its accessories, such as exterior lights, are all working. Be sure to check for interior issues as well, such as weakened floorboards or sharp surfaces. 


You should change the tires on your trailer frequently. Even if your trailer tires do not appear worn, weather damage can cause the rubber of the tires to stiffen over time, which puts you at risk of a blowout. 

Balance Your Load

Before you hit the road, make sure the load you are towing is balanced to avoid damage to your vehicle and trailer while ensuring safe handling. An unbalanced load can create difficulty in gaining traction and interfere with your ability to make safe turns. 

Double-checking your trailer and vehicle towing abilities and condition, as well as balancing your tow load, are some of the top safety tips for your horse trailer. By following these tips, you can rest easy knowing your trailer is ready to go. 

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