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Second Half Surge Pushes Sr Lady Tigers Past Mulberry


Pictured is #1 Natalie Allison

The Mansfield Sr High Lady Tigers have dribbled their W/L record back and forth this season, but on Monday night the girls came out with a slam dunk win when they hosted the Mulberry Lady Yellowjackets. The Lady Tigers knew that this was a must-win match and after battling off some first half blues with Mulberry taking the lead 20-19 going into halftime, the girls came back and kick-started the second half of the game into overdrive. The Sr Lady Tigers hit the court in the third quarter looking like a completely different team.

Chloe Creekmore

It was a knock-down-drag-out fight to the finish as the Lady Tigers took no prisoners. Mansfield held Mulberry to just 20 second-half points, leading the Lady Tigers to capture a 54-39 victory upgrading them to 4-3 on the season. Makayla Strutton was the general on the floor as she helped direct a great comeback after halftime earning her 21 points on the game. Seven Sanderson was a board beast bringing down rebounds at will on defense and rolling in baskets on offense. Sanderson scored 9 points in the game.

#13 Makayla Strutton

Sadie Roberts netted 6 points in the match with her shots from the perimeter and cut through the Lady Yellowjackets like a hot knife through butter with her layups. Brooke Wright, Chloe Creekmore, and Skylynn Harris stood straighter and more solid than the Statue of Liberty guarding the basket against any intruding opponents while also picking up 4 points apiece. And landing the remaining 6 points was Danielle Lillie, Kiara Thomas, and Natalie Allison who were ruthless in their efforts to safeguard their homecourt like a predator stalking its prey.

#32 Skylynn Harris and #24 Brooke Wright

With a big win in the bag, the Lady Tigers will have little time to reminisce in the glory though. Mansfield Sr High will load up the busses today and head for Russellville as they prepare to face an opponent they have never seen before in the Valley Christian Lady River Hawks. The Lady River Hawks finished last year’s season 13-11.

#2 Kiara Thomas
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