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Showstopper Bulldogs Plan To Bury Dardanelle


The Waldron Sr High Bulldogs are coming off of a short break after their participation in last week’s UARM Bucks Classic. The Lady Bulldogs, who are coached by Josh Atchley, have been working really hard to nail down that perfect flow that’s going to assist them in bringing in some wins. Already eight games into their basketball season, the Lady Bulldogs sit on a 2-6 record and have racked-up a total of 306 points.

The girls will get back to pounding the boards as they head to Dardanelle tonight, December 13, to take on the evenly matched (2-7) Lady Sand Lizards. Going into this game, the 3A Lady Bulldogs are more than confident that they will be leaving with the win. The 4A Lady Sand Lizards are only averaging around 22 points a game compared to Waldrons 38.

The (7-2) Bulldogs, who are led by Coach Joshua Brown, are just as assured about their ability to take the victory from (8-0) Dardanelle. Waldron finished the UARM Classic with a 2-1 record and taking their second loss of the season from Shiloh Christian. Their first loss came from Lavaca by only four points. With nine games behind them, the Bulldogs have already laid claim to a whopping 570 total points while averaging around 63 points a game.

If the Sand Lizards, who average 60 points a game, think the Bulldogs are just going to roll over and hand them the win, they have another thing coming. While most teams are one-sided either excelling in offense or defense, Waldron is a paw above the rest. Offensively, the Bulldogs possess a quickness on the court that not even Forrest Gump could touch. And defensively, Waldron is able to guard their yard with ease forcing their opponents to make tough contested shots. The Jr High Bulldogs will get things started with a 4 p.m. start time.

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