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Signs Your Home Plumbing Needs an Upgrade


When it comes to maintaining the overall functioning of your home, one of the most crucial components to consider is your current plumbing. Not only are these systems essential for providing us the necessary drinking water to survive, but they’re also responsible for establishing our standard quality of life. As such, should your own pipes fail, it can leave you in a difficult living and financial position. These are some signs your home plumbing needs an upgrade, so you can get this renovation done before major problems occur.

There’s Evidence of a Leak

Water leaks are a common occurrence when pipes don’t have proper insulation or receive necessary maintenance. However, should these leaks happen frequently and in varying parts of the home, it’s no longer a small issue that you can quickly fix. This pattern means that your pipes are no longer strong enough to withstand the home’s overall water pressure, and they’ll continue to break and cause water damage. So, if you notice puddles or wet spots near your major systems, it’s time to consider an upgrade.

Your Water Is Oddly-Colored

Discolored water can also mean something’s wrong with your pipes. When a home’s pipes are clean and functioning correctly, the tap water will appear clear and free of sediment. However, should your pipes sustain rust build-up, this could begin to affect the look, smell, and taste of your water supply. As such, should you notice a change in any of these features, it’s vital that you think of your old pipes as a potential source.

Water Pressure Is Low

Another important sign your home plumbing needs an upgrade is if your water pressure is lessening over time. Pipes suffering from frequent clogs or leaks often experience a disrupted water flow. This reduces the amount of pressure used to push the water through them. In severe cases, your water flow could turn into a little trickle. As such, it’s crucial that you’re regularly testing for poor water pressure and getting your pipes replaced before bigger problems can develop.

Your Pipes Are Older

You should consider getting a pipe upgrade as well if you know your system is older. While certain types of pipes can last for a long time, they’re still exposed to large amounts of stress over several years of frequent use. So, if you’re living in an older home, the chances are good that you’re due for a newer system anyway. Acting preemptively is a great way to avoid potential pipe bursts as well as ensure that everything remains up to code.

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