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Small Pantry Makes Big Impact


The Snack Pantry at East Pointe Elementary School in Greenwood has small, humble roots, but has had an enormous impact on both the students and volunteers.

Currently, the Snack Pantry is funded and supplied by Rebecca Selkirk, Biffy Jesse and Brittney Rowe. Each of these ladies take turns buying snacks and supplying the pantry, alternating month to month. 

According to Selkirk, the pantry’s purpose is to supply snacks to students when they forget one.  “I believe most teachers will grab a sack full of snacks and keep in their classroom to give to kids when they forget,” added Selkirk.

In addition to supplying the pantry, they also:

  • Provide candy canes to students at Christmas time that do not receive a candy cane in the PTO fundraiser
  • Provide Easter Baskets to children that do not receive one
  • Provide a $5.00 gift certificate for students who would be otherwise unable to purchase a book at the fall and spring book fair.

While the group doesn’t do any fundraising, they do accept donations. The pantry is often supplied by donors such as Focus on Greenwood and Donna Gladwin. 

If you are interested in donating to the Snack Pantry at East Pointe, you can do so at the front office at any time during the year.

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Tammy Teague
Tammy Teague
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