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Sr Bulldogs Continue “Pounding” Opponents


The Waldron Sr Bulldogs set out early in the season to prove a point. Their goal was to strive to win every tournament they stepped into. With one tournament championship already down, the Bill Frye Classic is now in their crosshairs. The first team to stand in their way……the Hackett Hornets.

The Bulldogs knew what had to be done. Execute at every aspect of the game with perfection. Hackett gave the Bulldogs a new look by using speed and precision passing to catch the Bulldogs off guard on multiple occasions. Waldron caught onto the Hornets scheme quickly though and was able to jump between passes to steal the ball to take it down the court for quick points. Ending the first quarter with a score of 20-6, another sure-fire win seemed to be set for Waldron.

As the second quarter started, Waldron found a kink in their own armor. Hackett started using a big man in the paint to frustrate the Bulldogs. This was unexpected, but not something that would shut the high powered Bulldogs down. It was a mere “sting” to the Bulldogs as they went into halftime with a 35-23 lead.

In typical Bulldog fashion, Waldron came out of halftime on fire. Learning from their flaws in the first half, they soon pulled away from the pesky Hornets. If you wanted three-pointers, you got them. Rebounds? How about a team total of 30. Steals? These were Bulldog Bandits who racked up 12. If you can name it, Waldron did it and did it with style. The game ended with the Waldron Sr Bulldogs finishing with a commanding 64-48 victory. Next up, the Bulldogs go toe to toe in the semi-finals with an old foe in the Booneville Bearcats on Saturday, December 28th at 4:30 p.m.

Leading the Bulldogs on the scoreboard was none other than Payton Brown with 33 points. Jacob Avila and Gada Wagner played tag in scoring with Avila coming up with nine points and Wagner knocking down ten. Jaden Hutchens hung five points in the game and Isaac Villarreal took three points. Caden Fuller and Camdon Holcomb tied with two points apiece.

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