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Sr Bulldogs Lay Siege To Subiaco


It might have taken a little longer than expected but through relentless grit and sheer perseverance, the Waldron Sr High Bulldogs pulled in their first win of the season. The Bulldogs marched onto Subiaco’s football field, looked the Trojans square in the eye, and said “Not today!” Well, mission accomplished. Waldron left the Trojans on the battlefield to face desolation while the Bulldogs rode off into the night with a 40-18 victory.

Quarterback, Braden Williams, successfully catapulted a pass to receiver, Caden Fuller for the first touchdown of the night. Jace Black added the two-point conversion and the game was officially underway 8-0 Bulldogs. Isaac Villarreal was on fire with a 70-yard reception from Williams for his first of two Bulldog touchdowns. Williams rushed the conversion and Waldron was again put on the board 16-0.

Halfway through the second quarter, Subiaco joined the game with their first Trojan touchdown. Williams responded with a 30-yard rushing touchdown and the score was brought to 22-6 Bulldogs. With 00:48 seconds left in the first half, Subiaco earned their second TD and the game looked to be preparing to go into halftime. But not so fast! With no time left on the clock, Williams fired a shot at Villarreal for a Bulldog touchdown sending the game into halftime 28-12 Waldron.

The third quarter saw zero action but the Bulldogs would add two more touchdowns to the score before ending the game. Gabino Grano rushed a 14-yard TD upgrading Waldron to 34-12. With minutes left in the game, the Trojans added their final TD of the game bringing their total points to 18. With the battle looking like it was coming to an end, Matthew Tegtmeyer caused a Trojan fumble and then scooped and ran for a 49-yard TD to close the game 40-18 Waldron.

Waldron saw greatness thanks inpart to their skillful and solid defense. The Trojans were kept off of the Bulldogs offense with an ironhand all night. Matthew Tegtmeyer led his team with five solo and five assisted tackles. Bryson Bailey earned five solo tackles, two assists, and one fumble recovery. Fuller also earned five solo tackles and two assists. Bradley Smith made four solo tackles and three assisted. Grano and Williams each obtained three solo tackles and two and five assists respectively. And with one solo tackle apiece was Black, Villarreal, Carson Cain, Garron Deramus, Fernando Uribe, and Rylee Shupert.

The Bulldogs upgraded their conference record to 1-3 and total season play record to 1-6. On October 25, Waldron will compete in the game of the century as they host the 2-2 Mena Bearcats at 7 p.m. The Bearcats are coached by former Mansfield Tigers Head Coach and close friend to Waldrons Head Coach Jonathan Bates, Craig Bentley. You’re not going to want to miss these two powerhouse teams as they come face to face.

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