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Sr Dragons Hit Turbulence But Continue To Soar


Header picture courtesy of Malinda Mizell

It was a tough 46-0 loss for the Dragons to swallow following the conclusion of Friday nights football game against rivals the Cedarville Pirates. But as the saying goes, “You are not defeated when you lose, you are defeated when you quit” and the Dragons are only getting started.

Photo courtesy of Belinda Merritt

Junior Quarterback, Ethan Gregory, who was still nursing an injury, logged 15 passing yards to Houston Morris during the Pirate/Dragon match-up. Ethan Jones and Malachi West held tight to 7 carries each totaling 31 and 18 yards respectively. And Matthew Hickman and Dylan Meinert finished with 1 carry each equaling 12 and 10 yards.

Photo courtesy of Belinda Merritt

Mountainburg football has a ground game that is full of armored grit and substantial strength. The Dragons aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty and hold their own. Helping to contribute to the 35 total Mountainburg tackles were Dylan Coughran with 11, and Jayden Nixon, Hunter Taylor, Tristian Murchison, and Noah Johnson with three apiece.

Photo courtesy of Malinda Mizell

With their 35-0 win over the Lavaca Golden Arrows during the first game of the season, the Dragons now sit 1-1 in non-conference play with conference play starting October 4. Up next for Mountainburg are the Greenland Pirates. The Dragons fell to the Pirates during last seasons face-off so this time around the Dragons are out to return the fire. The game kicks off at 7 p.m. at Greenland on September 13.

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