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Sr Hornets Heat Up In Summer Camps

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The Hackett Sr High Hornets are only halfway through their summer football practices and already are showing major growth. Along with their intense daily workout schedule, the Hornets have also been devoting their time to the many area football camps. Recently, the Hackett Hornet Sr High team attended a camp at Southside High School which happens to be a 7A classification.

Hackett, who is a division 2A football program, went up against other higher classification programs such as 7A Van Buren, 5A Alma, and 3A Charleston. Even though Hackett was the smallest team on the field size and number wise, the Hornets didn’t let the added pressure get to them. They took to the field and held their own, showing onlookers that it was going to take more than just size to intimidate the Hornets this upcoming football season.

Head Coach for the Hackett Hornets, Michael Meador, shared his thoughts on how the boys handled themselves at camp. “I thought we showed a lot of improvement. I was most impressed with how well we competed and didn’t back down from the bigger schools. We are starting to understand both the offensive and defensive side of the ball. The biggest improvement was the O-lines understanding of how we want things blocked. We still have to work on the timing of our routes but that comes with reps.” The Sr High Hornets will head back to Southside for another team football camp on July 17.

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