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Sr Hornets Put The Sting On Yellow Jackets


By Megan Hecox
It’s not important to win. It’s important to make the other guy lose! The Hackett Hornets walked onto the court last night at Mulberry with one goal in mind. To walk out of the gym victorious. And they did just that. The Lady Hornets won 36-23 and the Hornets scored their 3rd straight win 48-43.
Boys Head Coach, Broc Adams, says they are still improving, “We have some kinks to iron out but the attitude and intensity are there and we can work with that. We are getting better with every game.” Dylan Kats secured 17 points for the Hornets while Brady Hester brought in 13 points. Avery Hester made 7 points and 6 rebounds and Zach Gragg added 6 points and 6 rebounds to that total.
Super proud of his girls is Head Coach, Claude Foster. “The girls are getting better each game they have played.” In the Lady Hornets court, there are no objections. Only rejections! And because of their will to never quit, the Lady Hornets are going to fly through their season with ease.
Hackett is getting ready for their first conference game of the season. December 7th, the Hornets will face Danville on home court. The Jr High boys will open the game at 5 pm.
“They are one of the most physical teams we play,” expresses Coach Adams. “They are very active and run the floor well. We are going to have to match their intensity but slow the game down a little and try to get them out of their rhythm!”
Coach Foster gives his thoughts on Danville, “The Lady Little Johns is a very talented team and most have picked them to win the conference, so the Lady Hornets will have their hands full on Friday night. How we do against them will tell a lot about how the conference season will go for us!”

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