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Sr Hornets Send Lavaca WAY Off Target


Friday’s match-up between the Hackett Hornets and the Lavaca Golden Arrows was almost like watching a Roadrunner versus Wile E Coyote cartoon. No matter what tricks and schemes Lavaca tried, the Hornets just could not be touched. Just like every other opponent the Hornets have faced this season, the Arrows walked onto the field assuming they would have a chance at getting a win. And like every other opponent, Hackett was quick to shut that thinking down. The Hackett Sr High Hornets put on a showcase of perfect offensive and defensive balance in the process of blanking the Golden Arrows 36-0.

The Hornets defense dropped the hammer down on Lavaca completely shutting down any and every chance for the Golden Arrows to get any points on the board. Peyton Hester led Hackett’s defense with eight solo tackles and two assists. But this Hornet squad isn’t merely a one-man show. Cogan Hester, Ethan “Superman” Slavens, Mason Oelke, Fischer Shipman, Ty Smith, and Weston Winters combined for an amazing 26 solo tackles, 19 assists, and four tackles for loss.

Let’s not forget the Hackett “Beefcakes” on the D-Line that created chaos for the Lavaca backfield on every snap. What would a great defense be without turnovers though? Zayden Dennis took a Golden Arrow pass from its target with an interception and Oelke had a fumble recovery. Forget the old Hungry Hungry Hippos board game, this Hungry Hungry Hornet defense ate up every Golden Arrow with the football.

The Hackett defense did its job, but you can’t win the game without scoring points. The Hornets offense was the definition of speed and execution. Again it was their balanced attack that sent Lavacas defense to the locker room scratching their heads. Weston Winters was slammin’ and bammin’ his rushing game gaining 121 yards on only 11 carries and a touchdown. This was Winter’s third straight game with 100 plus yards in a game. Avery Hester and Fischer Shipman kept some of the pressure off of Winters by also carrying the ball for a combined 103 yards on 16 carries. Hackett’s three-headed Hornet ground game put the Golden Arrows defense into a whos who frenzy.

If Lavaca thought the Hacketts run game was good, they were in for a rude awakening because these Hornets can fly too. Avery Hester completed eight passes for 116 yards and three touchdowns. His primary targets were Dylan Kats and Peyton Hester. Kats caught five passes for 92 yards and two touchdowns while Peyton snagged three passes for 24 yards and a touchdown. Hackett’s pure balanced offense left Lavacas defense weighed, measured, and found wanting.

The Hornets will face one last competitor in conference play. On November 8, Hackett will host the 0-4 JC Westside Rebels at 7 p.m.

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