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Sr Hornets Take The Bacon Against Panama


The Hackett Sr High Hornets are still basking in the glow of their nonconference game record after Friday nights win over the Panama Razorbacks. The Hornets are four games into their season and after their first game loss against Mansfield, Hackett changed up their game plan and started getting the job done. What was to follow would be two blowout games against Pocola and Spring Hill where Hackett stopped both opponents from putting any points on the board and Fridays match against Panama where the Hornets secured the win 34-27 upgrading their overall season play record to 3-1.

#3 Dylan Kats

Quarterback, Avery Hester, completed the night with eight rushes for 24 yards and one touchdown and 12 passes for 234 yards resulting in four touchdowns. Fischer Shipman bulldozed 15 rushes for 66 yards and hot-handed two catches for 43 yards total. Peyton Hester snatched up five catches for a total of 92 yards and two touchdowns. Cogan Hester had two catches for 31 yards and two touchdowns. And high-flyin’ Dylan Kats was put on the books with his three completed 68-yard catches.

#77 Briar Goines

The Hornets defense was kept on their toes all night by the Razorbacks but Panamas attempt at intimidating Hackett went unnoticed. Peyton Hester earned 13 solo tackles and five assists. Juan Farjado made 12 total tackles. Shipman obtained six solo tackles and seven assists. Ty Smith successfully stopped the Razorbacks with his seven solo tackles, five assists, and one sack. And Mason Oelke was a brick wall with his 11 total tackles.

#4 Avery Hester

To start conference play the Hornets will host the 2-1 Magazine Rattlers on September 27 at 7 p.m. Last season, the Rattlers took the win with a hold your breath overtime score of 18-12. After their loss to Mansfield, Hackett has been averaging 36 points a game and are looking forward to skinning the Rattlers in their next go-around.

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