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Sr Lady Hornets Conclude VB Season As Numero Uno


Photos courtesy of Mandy Foster

Heres the thing. The Hackett Lady Hornets know they were placed in the 2A school rankings. But their capability and their know-how give them the potential to easily take down any 7A team. The Hackett Sr High squad has done things in the last four short years that they have been developed that other schools still haven’t accomplished in the decades they have been around.

Coaches Bridget Freeman and Broc Adams have taken the Lady Hornets and pushed them to limits far beyond anybody’s expectations including their own. They’ve allowed the girls to see their full potential and instilled the self-esteem and mind-set that no goal is unattainable. Last season, Hackett ended with a 22-10-1 total record and 11-1 in conference while also making it to the second round of State.

This season though, the Lady Hornets blew those stats out of the water! They hold a 28-2-1 total play record, are undefeated 12-0 in conference, and brought home a State Championship title after they defeated Crowley’s Ridge 3-1. But what’s even more impressive than that, is the fact the all starters and the entire team minus one senior, will be back next season to do it all over again. Lone senior, Jordyn Null, will hang up her 2019 volleyball season hat and end with a record of 10 kills, 2 aces, 2 digs, and 2 assists. The Lady Hornets will also be losing their manager, senior Elise Fox.

Hackett ended their season competing in 90 sets with team totals of 819 kills, 402 aces, 124 blocks, 1069 digs, and 687 assists. Having a hand in that success were sophomores Kenadi Wright, Shayla Foster, and Madeline Freeman and juniors Jamye Durham, Brooke Holt, Madi Taylor, Rain Vaughn, Kandace Byrd, and Kayla Richardson. Wright finishes with 108 kills, 4 aces, 37 blocks, 8 digs, and 2 assists.

Foster ends with 75 kills, 49 aces, 7 blocks, 181 digs, and 4 assists. Freeman wraps up with 165 kills, 127 aces, 14 blocks, 113 digs, and 326 assists. Durham hangs up her sneakers with 75 kills, 24 aces, 62 blocks, 31 digs, and 7 assists. Holt puts the season to sleep with 5 kills, 40 aces, 6 digs, and 4 assists. Taylor checks out with 13 kills, 19 aces, 1 block, 46 digs, and 251 assists. Vaughn departs with 246 kills, 11 aces, 31 blocks, 36 digs, and 5 assists. Byrd leaves with 84 kills, 59 aces, 4 blocks, 173 digs, and 17 assists. And Richardson ends her performance with 18 kills, 33 aces, 454 digs, and 38 assists.

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