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Sr Pirates Catch The Tigers By The Toe


It has been quite the season for the Cedarville Pirates. When they’ve won, they’ve won big. When they’ve lost, it’s been merely by the fine edge of the sword. But if there was one game that they didn’t want to be a close one, it was against their 3A rivals the Mansfield Tigers last Friday night. The Tigers swapped spots with Cedarville last season taking the final playoff spot from the Pirates. Not this time though. Not…..this…..time! The Pirates took the Tigers on a magic carpet ride that left Mansfield feeling woozy with a final score of 60-20 Cedarville. “With the win, we improved our playoff seeding and improved our record for the 4th consecutive season,” stated head coach, Max Washausen. “I am very proud of our football program!” After Friday’s match, Cedarville improved to 7-2 overall and 4-2 in conference play with the two losses only being by two-points.

#7 Kelin Mitchell

Not only did the O-line score 60 points in the game but they also earned over 500 yards in total offense. Junior, Darryl Kattich, has been on fire all season long. He leads the entire state in rushing with 183 carries for 1,809 yards and 24 TDs. In Friday night’s match, Kattich earned 20 carries for 227 yards and 3 TDs. Hayden Partain made 9 carries for 46 yards and 2 TDs. Hayden Morton got 9 carries for 47 yards and a TD. Bruce Turney earned 1 carry for 29 yards and a TD. Kelin Mitchell made 4 carries for 53 yards and a TD that was acquired after dodging not one, not two, but three separate takedown attempts by Mansfield. Bradley Perkins got one 40 yard reception. Tommy Metcalf had 1 carry for 8 yards. And QB, Cody Dickens, got 4/8 passes for 86 yards and 9 TDs.

#51 William Henson

Defensively, the Pirates kept the Tigers at bay almost the entire night choppin’ and blockin’ every Mansfield player that came their way. Getting in on the tackling glory was Tyree Mongold who was also quick to get to the backfield putting plenty of pressure on the Tigers QB. Luke Mallow, Bruce Turney, Levi Johnson, Bradley Perkins, and Greyson Polk were passing out tackles like they were presents on Christmas morning with Mallow also recovering a Mansfield fumble and Polk blocking a Tiger extra-point kick. Jace Baker had more blocks than the Great Wall of China. And Partain, Austin Bentley, and Levi Hightower each snagged interceptions.

#35 Hayden Partain

Cedarville is riding the high waves of another blowout victory and although the victories are bountiful, the seas are always shifting. The Pirates will have to prepare for another daunting task on Friday, November 6th as they host the Wolves of Lincoln. Lincoln has been a 3A-1 force since moving down from the 4A this season. Unfortunately for Lincoln, it will be Sr Night in the Pirates cove and Cedarville is determined to not be beached from the playoffs this year.

#2 Hayden Morton
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