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Sr Rattlers Off By One Against Cutter


Photos courtesy of LaWaynea Cox

There’s nothing worse than being so close to victory that you could taste it only to have it whisked away by the other team. That’s exactly how the Magazine Sr High Rattlers felt when they faced Cutter-Morning Star last Friday night. In a high speed back and forth battle of the wills, the intense face-off ended with Cutter taking the one-point difference win 33-32.

The first half of the game had both teams matching touchdown for touchdown keeping the game tied at halftime. Caleb Hyatt was first to score points for the Rattlers with his 6-yard rushing touchdown with 5 minutes left in the first quarter moving the score to 6-6. Minutes into the second quarter, Hyatt was at it again. This time with a 4-yard rushing Rattler touchdown sending the game into halftime with a score of 12-12.

The third quarter of the game saw plenty of Rattler action with two more touchdowns and Magazine holding tight to the upper hand of the score. Tatum Scott was good for a 6-yard rushing TD coupled with a pass to Kobe Faughn for the extra two-point conversion upgrading the score to 20-12. Add in high-speed Hyatt who unleashed a 35-yard run for the other TD and the tally was moved to 26-12 Magazine.

Unfortunately, the heartbreak came when Cutter was able to put 14 points on the board in the fourth quarter holding Magazine to only six which were brought in by another Hyatt touchdown ending the game 33-32 Cutter. The Magazine Rattlers are sitting on the season with an overall record of 2-1 and hold second place in the 2A-4 football standings.

In one of the biggest football games of the year, the #2 Magazine Rattlers will be taking on the #1 Hackett Hornets in the first conference game of the season on September 27 at Hackett. The Hornets are planted with a 3-1 total season record and have the advantage of playing at home. But that doesn’t scare the Rattlers who average 39 points a game to the Hornets 36 because let’s face it. How many times have you seen a rattlesnake succumb to a hornet?

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