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Sr Rattlers Show Conway Christian How To Soar


Anyone who wondered if the Magazine Sr High Rattlers could maintain their winning ways after losing key talent and head coach after last season can set their minds at ease. The Rattlers have proven that they are not merely a one and done program. With a 61-24 thumping of Conway Christian last Friday night, the Rattlers improve their conference record to 5-1 and are poised for a great playoff run. “We will be the 2 seed in the playoffs but right now we are only focused on JC Westside,” explained head coach, Ryan Chambers. “Like I’ve told the guys all year, the most important game of the year is the next one.”

If you stepped outside at any point last Friday you’d notice the frigid temperature. It was cold for sure, but the Rattlers chose their charcoal-colored uniforms. But why the charcoal ones you ask? Because charcoal burns hot for a long time and against Conway Christain, so did Magazine. To start the game, and be a play that will definitely go down in Rattler history as one of the fastest and most epic touchdowns, Magazine kicked off to the Eagles who then scooped and ooped the ball in a fumble caused by Kobe Faughn and was then quickly recovered and scored upon by Rattler, William King for 5 yards.

Senior, Cole Gilbert with his first career interception!

From there, things continued to go south for the Eagles who just could never quite get off the ground. Magazine finished the game with 496 rushing yards and 19 passing yards whom QB, Tatum Scott acquired with one pass to Cameron Raggio. Ashton Droemer was the lead rusher with 14 for 228 yards, and 3 TDs. He was followed by Kobe Faughn who made 16 rushes for 189 yards, and 3 TDs. Tatum Scott got 5 for 50 yards. Brad Price made 4 for 15 yards and 1 TD. Cameron Mattson got 4 for 7 yards and a touchdown. Connor Ryan made 1 for 5 yards. And Colton McConnell got 1 for 2 yards.

Defensively, Faughn led with 8 solo tackles, 4 assists, 1 sack, and 1 TFL. Mattson got 4 solo and 6 assists. Droemer made 5 solo and 3 assists. Price got 3 solo and 5 assists. Scott made 3 solo and 2 assists. William King earned 3 solos and 1TFL. And Terrence Thurman, Ethan Vasquez, and Colton McConnell each made 1 solo tackle and 2 assists. “I do think we are a better team now than when we played Bigelow. Unfortunately, that’s not how it works though. We had our opportunity and didn’t make the most of it. Our guys didn’t let it get them down though instead letting it motivate them to work harder and get better.”

Kicker Trace Nicholas

Although Magazine is eyeing the playoffs, they still have one more game to play. The Rattlers will host the JC Westside Rebels on Friday, November 6th. “They really don’t do anything different than the other teams we’ve played this year. They look very similar offensively as Conway Christian. We need to sure up our front 7 and we will be fine.”

Photos courtesy of LaWaynea Cox

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