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Sr Tigers Strengthen Ties Within Community


The Mansfield Tigers are no strangers to working hard on and off of the field. When it comes to team bonding and volunteering for the community that they love, the Sr High football team seems to flawlessly do it all. Recently the Tigers were called in to assist in helping to move an elderly woman from Mansfield uptown to Barling.

Tiger Coach Keith Stovall gives his thoughts on the positive effects of young people and volunteering and what it does for his team, “Volunteering is what keeps a community together. It allows you to connect with people in your community that you may not have known before. Helping in small ways can make the largest difference for another person. To high school students, it allows the opportunity to establish new friendships and expand on their networks. Networks which can provide future opportunities. For our team, it reinforces working together for a common goal which is so vital to success and they develop unity as a team. I couldn’t be more proud of this group of young men in just the numbers that showed up to help. It certainly shows the strength of their character!”

Photo courtesy of Doug and Lisa Elmore

Head Tiger Coach, Tim Cothran, expresses his feelings about this wonderful group of players, “We have a very selfless group of young men. They are shining examples of our community. This is evident in their schooling, the way that they play ball, and the way that they treat one another. I’ve never seen a more selfless bunch willing to give for the good of each other.”

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