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Students, Bring the NOISE!


So you say you want a winning tradition, or you might even want to “bring back the pride.” Students, this is your wake-up call. Make yourself heard, and be a part of one of the greatest traditions to high school sports events. It’s memories in the making, and it’s a strong element to your school’s history. We dare you to BRING IT!
Most of youth today can’t understand (or remember) the fan fare of the student section during the 80’s, or 90’s. It was amazing. You had at least one student who was the hype man, or hype girl that encouraged the student section to get rowdy during the moments when the team needed a “pick me up.” Or, the times when it was time to GET LOUD, and GET PROUD!

Now, it’s just silent. “crickets”

It seems everyone wants a winning tradition, but the voices are silent in the stands. “I consider myself a soft voiced person, and it’s sad when I’m the loudest one in the bleachers” stated a parent after the Mansfield-Waldron game.

Where is the student section?

It wasn’t that long ago when the bleachers had an area used solely for students who made up a population of enthused students with painted faces, bells, pom-poms, crazy attire, etc. and made their voices heard to encourage their sports team, and to assist the cheerleaders. WHERE HAVE YOU GONE?
This section of wild and crazy kids were the voice of the Mansfield Student body. Working within themselves, or with the band, they could be heard from any angle. Where are you now????
To bring back this tradition, we’d like to encourage you, maybe even DARE you to be the loudest you can be. Show your pride, and let your voice ROAR!

This Friday night (9/8/17), there will be a student section!

Some of the team parents are going to organize, section off and decorate an area just for the students. We hope to see it full of fun and school spirit. In the 4th quarter, our most spirited student in the section will be announced and will receive a prize so join in on the fun and bring this tradition back!

Let’s hear you BRING IT, students!


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