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Subtle Issues Around the Home You Shouldn’t Ignore

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It’s rarely a good idea to put off maintenance until the problem worsens, especially in your home. You shouldn’t ignore subtle problems around the home; they require immediate action. And knowing what these issues may look like is a good start. Read on to learn what problems around the house need your attention and how you may fix them promptly and efficiently.

Pest Problems

Insects and rodents may make their way into your home throughout the year. Although these small pests may not seem potent, they will become uncontrolled problems over time. Cockroaches reproduce around 16 eggs per month throughout the year and easily lead to infestations.

Mice may have litters of five and mate after reproduction, meaning they could give birth to a second litter within the same month. Stomp out pest problems as soon as they arise. If you notice more than one bug in one room, kill them swiftly.

You need to call for extermination or capture-and-release services that take rodents far away from the home to prevent them from making a nest in it. Use traps and bait as passive extermination methods, or call an exterminator to take care of them professionally.


A leak is a bad sign in any building, but it could damage your home significantly. Leaks deteriorate the home’s interior. And depending on their location, you could have poor structural integrity that could cause the ceiling or wall to collapse. Look for signs of a leak, such as staining or strong odors.

Staining typically leaves a brown mark visible from your side of the wall or ceiling and becomes larger as time passes. The odor follows the appearance of the stain and has a strong, earthy smell. Fix the leak at the first sign and protect your home. Leaks can be subtle issues around the home that you shouldn’t ignore and need immediate attention to avoid worsening damage.

Ponding Water

On your roof, your shingles should redirect water and prevent pooling. When water does pool, it damages the roof, which could cause many issues. Water pooling on your roof causes dirt and debris to build up, leading the shingles and their flashing to deteriorate.

The water may cause bubbling and peeling if left for more than 48 hours. In particular, ponding water is a concern for metal roofs because it may exacerbate the standing water issue. Standing water is similar to ponding water but may occur on various roof levels. Check your roof occasionally to ensure there aren’t any pools of water. If you notice the ceiling sagging or a small stain, check the roof to ensure water isn’t ponding.

There are various issues that come with a house, and some need your full attention. Keep an eye out for any of these issues and resolve them quickly before they worsen and overtake your home.

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