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Taylor Celebrates 102nd Birthday

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It’s a milestone worthy of celebration, a 102nd birthday. The staff and residents at Dalton’s Place in Waldron joined Ruth Taylor and her family on Wednesday, July 27 to honor her.

Ruth Taylor was born July 27, 1920, in Cecil Arkansas. As a teenager, she worked as a seamstress to help support her family. As the oldest of eight children, Taylor did a lot of babysitting in her lifetime.  At the age of 20, she married Carl Taylor. After Carl returned from the military, the couple would relocate from Ozark to Fort Smith. The couple had four wonderful children, Joyce, Carl Wayne, Lynn, and Randy.

Ruth Taylor

Ruth Taylor now enjoys extended family, including several grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and great-great grandchildren. 

As a stay-at-home mom, Taylor stayed busy juggling the needs of a family of six. She sewed for the public from her kitchen. The same kitchen where visitors always found biscuits and sausage, cornbread, cookies, and many other snacks. 

Her sewing talents have yielded beautiful quilts, clothes for her children and even her daughter’s wedding dress. After her children were grown, she served her favorite charity, Stepping Stones, which helps special needs children. She made crib quilts and little vests with big buttons so children could learn to button their clothes, and cuddly stuffed animals for them to hug. 

Taylor joined the Dalton’s Place family in February of 2017. She has touched so many lives throughout her time at Dalton’s. According to Dalton’s Place Administrator Amenda Naylor, Taylor immediately became Grandma to all staff and residents. “You can’t help but smile when she walks in the room. She has touched many lives at Dalton’s Place and we are truly grateful for the advice and funny stories she shares with everyone. Her optimistic outlook on life is so refreshing in a time like today. If every living creature could spend 30 minutes with Grandma Ruth, the world would finally accomplish world peace!”

Taylor’s family credited her successful and long life to activity, well-balanced meals, and the correct medication she receives at Dalton’s Place.

When asked about her secret to a long life, Grandma Taylor shared, ” It wasn’t me, it was the good Lord. I tell God every day that I’m his child and you take care of me.” 

She went on to add that she always ate her vegetables from her beloved annual garden. “She was also always active doing something anywhere from gardening and canning to fishing and camping, along with sewing for the community,” continued Naylor. “She even stayed active as she got older. “She would walk, did a lot of church activities, and always keeps a good attitude for life, even during the challenging times. Grandma is just happy to be doing as good as she is and has no complaints. Grandma Ruth’s one wish for her birthday was to see her family, and that she did!”

We join all of Ruth Taylor’s family and friends in wishing her very happy birthday!

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