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Teachers WIN 6th Annual Kickball Game

The Mansfield Middle School Teachers and students took the field Friday, October 6th with their annual kickball game.  The 8th grade students put on a brilliant display of persistence and dedication, but fell short.  The 8th grade students took an early lead, but were unable to hold the strong kicking leg of Middle School teacher / coach Josh Bryan and Coach Keith Dake.  The game was competitive with outstanding plays made by 8th grade Austin Carlton registering multiple outs.
The game was officiated by 6th grade student Kynslee Ward and 7th grade student Cassidy Carlton.  They were on top of their game and just needed glasses to complete the ensemble as officials.  The 8th grade students fought ferociously, but the long time Middle School teaching legend Kandis Howard refused to let the 8th graders register their first career win versus the teachers.  Mrs. Howard reevaluated the strategy and used the speed and versatility of Mrs. Renea Bryan and Mrs. Renee Crelia to move runners and push scores home for the teachers.
The only scare of the day was a close play with Coach Bryan McKay streaking down the first baseline at a lightning pace of approximately 3 miles per hour, which is 4.83 kilometers per hour if you are from Canada.  Some say Coach McKay accelerated to 4 miles per hour or 6.44 kilometers per hour for his science class.
Dalton Pettigrew put forth an outstanding defensive effort, as did 8th grade student Kiara Thomas.  Aaron Brewer made a few nice kicks and great plays in the field, along with Wesley Wilson, Haylee Helms, Mikeal Harrison, but the one thing we learned is that school is always in session for Mansfield Middle School.  On October 6th instead of learning curriculum, students learned team work, communication, strategies, and tools for success.
The teachers of Mansfield Middle School taught the 8th graders one more lesson before the end of the day and that is the humility that comes along with winning.
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