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The 5 Best Safety Practices for Working on Your Roof

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Time brings about so many potential issues for your roof. From heavy storms to harsh sunlight, many factors can cause damage, and it’s up to you as a homeowner to perform repairs. However, working on your home’s roof is incredibly dangerous, and you’ll need to play it safe if you insist on doing things yourself. These are the five best safety practices for working on your roof and how they can help you prevent a catastrophic injury.

Plan Out the Project Ahead of Time

First, make sure you plan out what you want to do on your roof before you actually begin. The more you understand what you need to do, the quicker you can complete each task. This way, you’ll spend less time near these danger zones and make more efficient use of your day. By spending less time above the ground, you also reduce your risks of falling off.

Use a Reliable Ladder

When you start climbing up onto your roof, use a ladder you know you can trust. It will be your sole means of getting up and down when you need to, so you don’t want an old, rusted model that’s falling apart. You should also know how to secure your ladder properly and climb safely. Start by engaging all locks, then place the ladder at a quarter-angle from the wall. Once you’re climbing, maintain at least three points of contact at all times.

Know How To Walk On a Roof

You’ll need to know how to walk on your roof as well. Because of how dangerous falls can be, you’ll want to limit your range of movement as much as possible. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to mitigate your risk, such as working at the right time of day and wearing the proper clothing.

Prepare For the Heat

Another of the best safety practices for working on your roof is to bring things along to help protect you from the heat. Roofing materials can get very warm under direct sunlight since they can either absorb or reflect that energy. This extra heat can quickly dehydrate you and even cause a serious sunburn if you aren’t careful. For this reason, bring along a water bottle and apply sunscreen before you start your work.

Hire a Professional

If you simply don’t want to take the risk, though, remember that you can always call a professional roofing contractor to help. These experts have years of experience working on heavily slanted roofs. They even have all the necessary safety equipment to keep themselves secure, so reaching out to one of these qualified businesses is the safest option of all.

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