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The Barber Who Was Handed A Death Sentence


Dave’s GodWink: Part 1

Dave picked up the whisk brush and begin to clean off the chair for his next customer. As he swept the fresh cut hair into the floor, he smiled thinking of how God had blessed him.  He had always dreamed of being a barber.  Finally, he was living his dream with his own shop with customers one after another.  Dave set the brush aside and grabbed a cape to drape over his next customer.  He patted the chair and motioned for the next man to come sit in the chair for him to begin his work.  But, suddenly, his life changed forever within seconds of draping the cape.

His clippers, clutched in his hand, fell immediately to the floor with a loud clang and then Dave collapsed to the floor.  Dave was dead.  At that moment, Dave stopped breathing and his heart stopped beating. 

An elderly man on oxygen, who had been the customer in the chair, told another customer, “I know CPR and been trained, but I can’t kneel in the floor, and I don’t have the air to do it.  If I tell you what to do, can you help him?”  The other man shook his head yes and knelt down beside Dave and awaited each instruction until the ambulance arrived. 

Each moment, each breath, and each compression was crucial to keeping Dave alive.  Within minutes, the ambulance arrived and began to work on Dave.  Compressions, breaths, and checking for a pulse, but nothing brought Dave back.  His body lay limp and lifeless.  Finally, the EMT responder decided they needed to shock Dave to try and get a heartbeat.  He charged his paddles and placed them on Dave’s chest.  Yet, even with the jolt, nothing.  Dave was still dead.  They decided to try another shock in hopes this would work.  Nothing. One last time, a shock was given, yet still Dave’s lifeless body lay on the cold floor.  After working on Dave for thirty minutes and now feeling defeated, the EMT’s loaded Dave into the ambulance and headed to the hospital. 

Meanwhile, Cindy, Dave’s wife, was at home tending to business, when she received the phone call about Dave.  Cindy immediately fell apart and tears began to flow. All she knew was Dave was bad.   That’s all she was told.   The drive to the hospital seemed to last an eternity not knowing the details of everything with Dave. 

Would she have a husband when she got there?  Had there been an accident?  Is he alive?  Question after question flooded her mind.  As she began to pass a school, God spoke to her and told her, “Speak life and tell the devil that Dave will not die.”  She began to pray harder than she had ever prayed before, speaking life! 

Sometimes, we pray for a miracle and we need the answer immediately.  However, it does not always happen the way we think it should nor in the timing we want.  If you are struggling, if you have been holding out and waiting, if you are ready to give up, don’t.  Your GodWink moment might be right around the corner.  Stay tuned to find out what happens with Dave’s story. 

Matthew 19:26

Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

GodWinks:  the unexplainable moment in life when it can only be God!

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