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The Best and Worst Kitchen Features for Resale Value

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You’ve dreamt of adding something new to your home for a while, and now you want to make it a reality. Not to accidentally burst your bubble, but some kitchen features have the potential to hurt the resale value of your home—here’s a list of the best and worst choices.

The Best Projects

To start, here’s a list of valuable enhancements to make to your kitchen. These are the projects that won’t hurt your resale value.

New Paint Color

Painting is a good step up, but painting your kitchen any random color can tarnish its appearance. You want a lively, bright space, not one that’s dull and gray. Colors such as these work best, but make sure your choice goes with your home’s theme:

  • Baby yellow
  • Light brown
  • Burnt orange

Improving Lighting

Lighting is a great way to show off your home’s most desirable focal points. You can’t go wrong with new lighting fixtures. Choose LED bars for cabinets and spotlights for the ceiling. You’ll love walking into a room with light that doesn’t blind.

Adding Fixtures

Enhancing the kitchen often means new fixtures. This is the where you can add value with upgrades such as a new refrigerator, new countertops, or an island you’ve been wanting to spruce up the space.

The Worst Projects

There are also some projects to avoid doing if you want a good return on investment. Here are projects to approach with caution:


Add an island only if you have the right amount of space for it—you don’t want to add it anywhere else but the middle of the kitchen. If the space doesn’t allow for it, don’t bother putting in an island.

Cheap Cabinets

If you want to replace the cabinets, ensure the material of your new cabinets is of good quality. The best-quality cabinet types to buy include plywood and timber-faced. Both are solid materials that add character and stability to the kitchen.

Built-In Anything

Some built-in features work well, but most families won’t need them. As great as it is to have a built-in stove, some people might want to change it out for something else anyway, meaning the kitchen will need another expensive remodel.

Kitchens are fun to make over, but some upgrades can depreciate your home’s value. Focus on renovations that improve your home but leave room for prospective buyers to imagine their lives in the house. Take these recommendations on the best and worst kitchen features when you’re working on your upgrades.

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