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The Cost of News

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We live in a world where news is expected to be free, especially online and throughout social media. But, nothing is truly free. There’s always a cost.

Since beginning Resident Press, we’ve attempted to create a free source of local and regional news. Trust me, the potential to close the doors is always present and a never-ending thought.

News Costs

Some perspectives think that online news have no costs and are free from expenditures. That’s entirely not true. In fact, it’s far from the truth.

URL’s, server space, email addresses, software costs, minor overhead (office expenses), and long list of daily expenses are a few examples. Just because articles are online, does not mean they don’t cost.

Newspaper Costs

Paper, printers, ink, shipping, delivery (gas), newspaper boxes that are sometimes used as ashtrays….. ALL COST!


Theft is slowly becoming the biggest nuisance. From disappearing newspapers that cost $1.00, to theft of online photos (you know who you are news people).

That’s one reason why we place our logo on every photo. Want the photo? JUST ASK! We’re always happy to email the originals. We’ve done that since the beginning.

Would You Pay?

Would you pay for news? If not, why? If so, what’s a fair price? I know from doing massive amounts of research there are several news sources looking at, and implementing measures to create financial stability.

Regardless of opinion, something has to change. For our sake, and for the sake of journalism.

Currently, we are looking at several different options to assist in the above issues. We’re not corporate media with deep pockets who receive the red carpet treatment when they enter a football game after not covering it until someone else does….which is off topic and another topic all together.

Resident Press truly hopes to continue being locally owned, and locally focused.

We look forward to your feedback. Good, and Bad. But, we need your honest opinion.

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