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The Fight Continues For Sr Bulldogs


Pictured is #21 Seth Hunt

Although Friday nights loss against the Paris Eagles was a hard pill for Waldron to swallow, it was not enough to obstruct their breathing. It was merely a lesson of what needed to be worked on to ensure that the Bulldogs are ready for their Elk hunt in the first conference game of the season against Elkins in two weeks. After falling to Paris 28-24, Waldron now sits 0-2 on the season.

One thing that opponents realize real quickly when facing a Bulldog is that they don’t get mad, they get even. The Bulldogs are simply toying with their competition and as soon as the other teams let their guard down that is when Waldron will sweep in to subdue the opposition.

At the start of their game against Paris, Waldron was quick right out of the gate in putting points up and establishing dominance. Quarterback, Braden Williams, made a clean pass to Caden Fuller for a Bulldog touchdown and with the extra 2 point conversion made by Seth Hunt, the game was officially underway 8-0 Waldron.

With 48 seconds left in the first quarter, Fuller flew in like a ninja and intercepted the Eagles ball. Ethan Slater and Elijah Polen teamed up to snag a safety and obtained two points upgrading the Bulldogs to a 10-0 lead. In the second quarter, senior Carson Cain blazed the ball into the endzone and with the added two-point conversion by Hunt, Waldron was standing tall with an 18-0 blowout.

Only minutes remained in the half, and Paris put their first touchdown on the board sending the game into halftime with Waldron leading 18-6. After the Eagles scored again at the start of the second half, Cain rushed for a Bulldog touchdown and Waldron kept the upper hand with a score of 24-12. Unfortunately, the Bulldogs reign would be shut down as the Eagles would put up two more touchdowns ending the game 28-24.

The Waldron defense was without a doubt on top of their A-game. The line stood solid like a statue against the Eagles and let it be known early on that this was going to be no walk in the park for Paris. Helping to embed the Bulldogs 41 total tackles was Fuller and Dayton Lovett with seven each. Polen and Matthew Tegtmeyer with five apiece. Bringing in four was Bryson Bailey. Securing three each was Slater and Gabino Grano. Cain and Blake Owens knocked out two each. And with one apiece was Williams, Hunt, and Fernando Uribe.

The Waldron Bulldogs will host one more nonconference game on September 20 against the 1-1 Danville Little Johns at 7 p.m. The conference season will get underway on September 27 at Elkins.

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