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The Four Most Common Fence Problems To Look Out For

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Like any other feature of your home, your fences require a certain level of upkeep to stay in excellent condition. It’s essential to understand the four most common fence problems to look out for, so you can keep this beautiful fixture of your home in great shape for years to come.

Fence Rot

One of the most common fence problems to look out for is rot. This issue is usually seen in wood fencing and can depreciate the quality of your fencing in various ways. The most recurrent kind of fence rot is wet rot, resulting in fungal growth and the overall weakening of fence structure. However, there are many ways to prevent fence rot if you catch it early enough. So, if you notice signs of rot on your fence, it’s time for a repair or complete replacement, depending on the severity of deterioration.

Leaning or Fallen Boards

Another frequent fencing issue is boards that are either leaning or falling over. Unstable panels can occur because of soil erosion, impact damage, general yard drainage issues, and even inclement weather such as high winds. The good news is that this kind of complication is easy to spot. So, if you notice leaning or falling boards on your fence, you can stabilize them by putting rocks at their base until you can call a landscaping professional to properly assess the damages and provide a quote for costs of repair.

Improper Installation

Trouble with your fencing is sometimes due to improper installation. While installing fences might seem straightforward, there’s more to it than you may think. For instance, you must ensure that post holes are deep enough, consider the sloping of the ground as it relates to your fencing design, and take extra measures to avoid damaging important utility connections. Improper implementation of any of these things can cause severe complications down the line, so it’s crucial to call a qualified professional to install your fencing.

Mildew Growth and Stains

Just as wet rot can negatively affect your fence, so can mildew growth and stains. While these issues are primarily cosmetic, they can still drastically impact the look and viability of your fences over time. Not to mention that mildew can also produce a potent stink. So, if you notice mildew build-up or unsightly stains on your fencing, scrub it down with a powerful cleaning agent and follow that up with a power wash. Additionally, if you have wood fencing, you can slap a new stain on it once it dries to protect it and give it a fresh coat of color.

When it comes to keeping your fencing intact, knowing the four most common fence problems to look out for can help you understand how you’ll preserve that beautiful border around your yard.

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