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The Greenwood Resident


After paying close attention to readership, and patiently waiting for perfect timing, the staff of Resident Press would like to introduce you to our newest addition, The Greenwood Resident.

This media source will center its content on the City of Greenwood news, events, and sports while not interrupting the coverage of Resident Press. Additionally, content will follow the same professional level journalism, and structure found on Resident Press.

An independent news source with individual focus will immediately utilize a dedicated website, and social media along with valued elements Greenwood residents have yet to experience in a news source.

Dustin Graham, The Greenwood Resident

Dustin Graham who calls Greenwood home, brings trust, integrity, and a valued reputation to his role as Editor for the Greenwood Resident.

Graham, in this lead role will assist staffing and defined roles to successfully and promptly expand professional level coverage to Greenwood.

Combining what we know about the areas we all call home, the friends, and families who have consistently asked for dedicated coverage, we truly feel this is a venture into a direction that is not only needed, and wanted, but one that feels right.

To stay updated on the soon to launch website, to interact with us on social media, or to contact the The Greenwood Resident staff, please utilize the below links.

Facebook | TWITTER | Instagram | Contact The Greenwood Resident

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