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The Lady Bulldogs Are Where It’s At


In what was probably the game of the season, the Waldron Lady Bulldogs were able to get the job done in just three innings. Facing the Cedarville Lady Pirates, the Lady Bulldogs completely crushed Cedarville on their own home turf, not even allowing one run to come in. In the blink of an eye, the game ended with a final score of 18-0 Waldron.

At three runs each were Mackinzie Callahan, Rheagan Sanford, and Saige Mahar. At two runs apiece were Bayleigh Lipham, Taylor Stacy, and Jayden Manning. And with one run each was Whitney Richmond, Ashton Young, and Kelsey Yother.

Mackinzie made three hits batting in four runners. Rheagan earned three hits, three runners batted in and one steal. Taylor made one hit, one steal and two runners batted in. Ashton Young brought one runner in and stole one base. Jayden Manning earned two RBI and one steal. And with one steal each was Bayleigh, Saige, and Kelsey. Molly Richmond also brought one runner in.

Jayden had one putout and one assist. Whitney made one putout. Saige secured two assists. Bayleigh claimed two putouts. Rheagan had one assist. Mackinzie led with three putouts. And Kadance Espinoza earned two putouts and one assist.

The Lady Bulldogs were able to get three pitchers some time on the mound. Ashton Young made six pitches to three batters striking out one. Saige Mahar threw out 20 pitches to four batters striking out one. And Rheagan Sanford had 15 pitches to four batters striking out one as well.

The Waldron Lady Bulldogs not only talk the talk. But they can walk the walk. The girls are able to take on any opponent with confidence in their softball skills knowing that no task is too big. Waldron now sits 10-5 on the season and 6-1 in conference play. Up next for the girls are the Mansfield Lady Tigers at Mansfield on April 9 at 4:30 p.m.

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