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The Legendary Frank Boyd


We have been overwhelmed at the welcome we’ve received since adding print to our news offerings.

I am so proud to say that we are the sole local news outlet providing print, web and mobile. YOU are to thank for that!

We have underestimated the need for a fresh news source, and it’s been truly awesome to sell out at our drop locations.

We are currently in the process of adding newspaper machines at several more locations. Be watching next week, we will be sharing where you can find those.

Recently, I visited with Darlene Boyd at a Mansfield Chamber of Commerce meeting. She and her husband Frank pioneered the newspaper in our area. So many felt like the local paper was “not like it used to be,” after Frank’s passing.

It’s true, you cannot substitute heart. And, this business was the heart of Frank Boyd. I remember driving by late at night and seeing the lights still on at the office.

The passion he had to produce a quality, community focused paper cannot be learned at a college, or taught by a teacher. The dedication he had for providing news to this area was engrained in him.

I realize we will never duplicate this legend. But, the focus, the goal, and the heart is there. I am proud of that. With the continued support we can keep the light on, and keep working!

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Tammy Teague
Tammy Teague
Tammy is the heart behind the brand. Her tenacity to curate authentic journalism, supported by a genuine heart is one her many wholesome qualities.
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