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The Major Benefits of Stucco Siding

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Ancient Greeks and Romans were the first to popularize stucco as an architectural material. Since their conception of the unique building substance, stucco has continued to serve as a trusty exterior choice by many homeowners. When perusing different ways to update a home’s exterior, renovators should consider the major benefits of stucco siding. Discover what this traditional siding type has to offer below.

High Durability

Stucco is comprised of sand, cement, and lime. This mixture results in a building material that is tough in nature and able to withstand various external conditions.

Though sturdy, stucco is also flexible. It expands and contracts with the weather, reducing its susceptibility to the adverse outcomes of thermal and precipitation pressure. With an optional long-lasting acrylic layer, stucco siding becomes even more durable.

Low Maintenance

One of the perks of stucco’s composition is that it’s low maintenance. Since color can be added to stucco mixtures, the color remains throughout the siding with no need for paint touchups or replaced panels.

When you feel the urge to spruce up your stucco siding, you can power wash it. You can also mix it up with new paint, should you grow weary of the long-lasting color.

Increased Home Value

Effective siding can increase the value of your home in various ways. For one thing, stucco is energy efficient. Sturdy stucco siding can help reduce ghastly heating or cooling bills.

Not only does stucco prevent a hike in energy bills, but it also adds to your home’s market value. The major benefits of stucco siding can allow you to apply for better home insurance premiums. Plus, with the right aesthetic considerations, siding can add incredible curb appeal to your home.

Simple Installation

Stucco only takes roughly two days to complete. With the help of siding professionals, you can be sure of an efficient installation. Stucco material can be added to just about any preexisting housing materials, such as wood and concrete masonry, allowing for a flexible application process.

If you’re contemplating a traditional exterior look, consider stucco. This siding type adds a unique texture and appearance to your home while ensuring the utmost protection from the elements. With proper installation and minimal maintenance, your stucco siding can last up to 50 years!

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