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The Mansfield School District: Ahead of the Learning Curve


With the new school year on the horizon, administrators at the Mansfield School District have been busy planning and prepping. This as a health pandemic brings the 2019-2020 school year to an unusual halt.

The Mansfield School Board approved a plan at their last meeting to implement a blended learning program. With this program, all class content will be available to students grades K-12. “No child will miss anything that happens in the classroom,” stated Mansfield Schools Superintendent Joe Staton.

Teachers and students will utilize classroom time to practice and prepare for at-home learning. This includes working remotely with technology so students can get assistance immediately. “We are doing this in case we have to pivot between in-home and in-classroom learning,” added Staton. “If the normal school process gets interrupted, we can pivot into an online virtual model.”

Simultaneously, according to Staton, the district is also preparing an exclusive online model. “Any student, home school or those who live outside the district can get an online education.” In fact, Staton added that the district has already added several homeschool students to the program.

The students who enroll in online education will have access to all the school resources, such as the library. Staton added that the virtual and online program will be supervised closely by the school counselor, principal, and Tina Smith, Director of Instruction and Federal Programs. The team of administrators will develop a plan so that students receive an education with the same accountability as those in the classroom. Students will have access to the tutoring program, homework hotline, and will be able to contact the teacher during classroom hours.

Members of the board approved the pre-purchase of 20 mobile hotspots from T-Mobile. The district is committed to ensuring that students have the tools, and means to access online learning.

“The blended program is a challenge, but it is good for the district,” Staton concluded.

If you have questions about the blended or online program, you can contact your child’s principal or the superintendent’s office after July 1.

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