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The Moore You Know: Glad Reunion Day


It’s that time of year–reunions. Class reunions and family reunions all penciled in on the calendar. I realize it’s a strange connection to make but it’s also a time observed at cemeteries, decoration day.

This past weekend I was traveling south on 71, passing by the cemetary at Coop Prairie. I saw people congregated on both sides. Families gathered to tidy and decorate gravesites. Something dawned on me as I passed. The future of those living and those who have passed, and the reunion day that is to come.

The old hymn, “Glad Reunion Day” popped in my head. Those who remain one by one will be reunited with those gone on before. That is, until the Lord returns and raptures the saints. My mom has often talked about what a sight it will be for those graves to burst forth on that great day!

For now, we must settle for a reunion here and there. We must settle for visiting the gravesite of our dearly departed. But, there is a Hope for the believer and I look forward to that glad reunion day!

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Tammy Teague
Tammy Teague
Tammy is the heart behind the brand. Her tenacity to curate authentic journalism, supported by a genuine heart is one her many wholesome qualities.
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