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The Most Common Animals Used in Farming Today

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Unfortunately, many US farms have seen declines in the populations of certain types of livestock. Bouts of bird flu have exacerbated the issue, leading to fewer chickens and eggs, which drives up costs for consumers. Everything from beef cattle to pork has seen its relative value increase as demand continues to outpace supply.

If you want to protect yourself against potential shortages or make some extra money, you should consider raising some of the most common animals used in farming today.


Chickens are one of the most popular animal choices for farmers because they’re easy to start with and provide quick returns on your investment. Chicken meat and eggs are highly nutritious and offer high yields for relatively low costs.

You’ll need a good shelter for your chickens if you decide to go this route. A sturdy chicken coop will protect your chickens from predators, the elements, and even thieves. This coop also gives chickens a comfortable place to lay their eggs without stress. Consider implementing a few routine chicken coop maintenance tips to improve your setup.


Pigs are another commonly farmed animal that farmers can raise for multiple sources of income. They have the highest potential for meat production, and you can sell their waste for fertilizer. Pork is considered a lean meat and contains a high amount of protein.

When raising pigs, it’s crucial to remember that they carry diseases that can be dangerous to humans and other animal populations. Limiting their interactions with other livestock and scheduling regular vaccinations is a must for your community’s health and safety.


Cows are everywhere across the United States, and farmers use them to produce quite a few animal products. They produce dairy products such as milk, cheese, and butter. They’re also commonly used for meat, with their hides processed into leather for manufactured goods.

Your cattle have essential needs that you need to account for, such as food, water, and shelter. They need a pasture to roam free in and quality food for their health. Cows may require milking and assistance with birthing, and farmers will need to manage the genetic makeup of their herds with care.

Improve Your Farming With the Right Animals

There’s a wide variety of livestock to choose from if you’re starting or expanding your farm. Knowing a few best practices when caring for the most common animals used in farming today will allow you to make the most of available resources.

There’s no telling what the future has in store, but with a few basic farming practices, you’ll have all the foodstuffs you need for selling or personal consumption.

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