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The Queen Of RNN Sports Announces Her Triumphant Return


On October 1st, 2021, former Resident News Networks sportswriter, Megan Hecox, put out her emotional final curtain call in the news business. Beloved by many readers, Hecox once covered seven different schools at one time in every sport imaginable. Whether it was Mansfield, Waldron, Magazine, Hackett, Lavaca, Cedarville, or other schools, readers were able to get a good in-depth article on their school athletic action multiple times a week. The job that Hecox did for Resident News Network was so good, that she was able to put the big-time newspapers and television outlets that only covered Fort Smith and Northwest Arkansas big schools on notice. After her departure from the industry, Megans husband, Adam Hecox, took over the wheel. Although bound by marriage, the pair was definitely not bound by writing skills. Mr. Hecox wasn’t and still is not the sports powerhouse that Megan was. So after three years of reading her husband’s extremely subpar sports writing, Megan Hecox has decided to once again throw her hat into the sports writing arena for the Resident News Network.

Megan was the brainchild behind RNN ideas such as printing an RNN newspaper, office chair jousting, and the annual April Fools Day articles. As an intricate part of the news still today, the RNN family has welcomed her back with open arms. Hecox will not being jumping back into the sports world with both feet tough. She will be easing into her old role on April 1st, 2024 by taking over her first love in sports writing, the Waldron Bulldogs. While she dabbled in the athletic adventures of other schools, Hecox’s main focus was always on Waldron sports. Covering football, volleyball, basketball, softball, baseball, and even some non-sporting events for the Bulldogs on a weekly basis boosted the athletes and programs in Waldron by giving them the spotlight larger media outlets withheld. Even after three years of being out of the game, Megan still has a white and orange Waldron basketball jersey hanging in the Hecox households coat closet (much to the dismay of the Tigers in her family). Once she gets Waldron back on track, Hecox will likely move on to work with Magazine, Cedarville, and even reinstitute herself again as the “Keyboard of Mansfield”.

“I wouldn’t have had to do this if my husband had pulled his weight” said Hecox. “Although his effort was admirable, the final product was definitely not RNN worthy”. Former coworker to Megan and current RNN editor, Tammy Teague, also voiced her opinion on Megan’s return to the RNN ranks.I am soooo excited to have her back again. I told Adam when he first took over Megan’s role that he’ll NEVER be Megan. It sounds harsh, but it’s true. There’s only room one office jousting champion around here and Megan is the one, the only, THE sports writing office jousting champ-i-on”. Both Hecox’s will continue to write sports articles for RNN, but once Megan gets her feet back under her, it will be inevitable that Mr. Hecox will soon be ousted by his better and prettier counterpart in the near future. So Merry Christmas, Happy Thanksgiving, and April Fools sports world, your Queen has returned.

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