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The Thunder Rolls And The Tigers Strike


Pictured is #19 Dakota Deer and #18 Andrew Pettigrew

Mansfields 7th Grade team is still the undefeated and undisputed true Tigers of their league. With a 6-0 record under their belt, they have not only defeated every opponent, but they’ve done it with style. The Tigers took on Charleston on Thursday, October 10th for only one half and decimated them with a 28-0 blowout.

Jeremy Strozier and Winston Allison

Mansfield wasted little time showing everyone who the “Copy Cat” was as the Tiger defense pummeled Charlestons offense creating a turnover plague for the black and gold Tigers. Brandon Raynor stripped the ball from a Charleston running back and trucked his way downfield all the way to the one-yard line with the entire Charleston offense on his back. A play later Jeremy Strozier punched his way into the end zone to give the Tigers a quick lead.

Toby Towe

Once Charleston got the ball back, Mansfield forced another fumble and it was Raynor again who came up with the ball. Strozier and Trey Powell powered their way through the Charleston defense gaining big runs on each play. Powell used his quick feet and speed to dart 11 yards into the end zone for another Tiger touchdown putting Mansfield up 12-0. The Tiger defense should simply be called the “TD Squad” as their dominance continued when Toby Towe intercepted a Charleston pass and took it to the house for a touchdown. Strozier slung a perfect pass to Winston Allison to tack on the two-point conversion and the Tigers were 20-0.

Cam Nottingham

Not to be outdone, the Mansfield offense went back to work. Austin Oldham made the Tigers’ next drive as his own one man show busting a big 41-yard touchdown run and topping it off with a sweet catch for the two-point conversion. Charleston sensing the end was near after being down 28-0 chose to start passing the ball to hopefully get a big play. The “TD Squad” was going to have nothing to do with that though as Camden Nottingham played the human fly swatter knocking down a pass and was followed up by Trey Powell picking off Charleston on the next play to end the game 28-0 in Mansfields favor.

The 7th Grade Mansfield Tigers are good, but at the same time know they aren’t done quite yet. As long as there’s a game left on the schedule they will continue to prepare as if they have an 0-0 record taking it one week at a time. The Tigers will travel to Booneville on October 17th for a battle with the powerhouse Bearcats. Games will start at 5:30 p.m.

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