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The Top 3 Hobbies for History Enthusiasts

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Historians and history enthusiasts are incredibly important to our society. By keeping stories from our past alive, we are able to learn from them and implement those lessons into our future decisions. If you’re one of these people, you might be looking for more ways to engage with your hobby apart from reading books and watching documentaries. If this sounds like you, take a look at this list of the top three hobbies for history enthusiasts.


There are a great many local historical societies that put on reenactments all across the country. From small towns to major cities, these non-profit groups share their passion for and knowledge of history by dressing themselves up in the regalia of the time and doing the daily duties of someone from another era. Most famous are Civil War reenactments, where specific battles are played out on a much smaller scale but give you a sense of the struggles and hardships that every American faced during that time. If you live near a battle site, you may even be able to see that battle reenacted on the ground it first took place!


In general, fixing up old cars is one of the most popular hobbies among men. There’s something about taking a beat-up hunk of junk and bringing it back to its former glory that is massively appealing. The same thing can be done with historical military vehicles as well. Military vehicle restoration is the perfect combination of DIY mechanic and history. Run-down Army Jeeps are very common and easily found online due to the mass manufacturing that created them in the first place. As such, there are also a wide variety of companies that produce parts for these types of vehicles as well. While it is an expensive hobby to get into, it allows you to learn a lot about the people that served by checking out what they were driving.


In addition to historical societies, many small communities also have museums dedicated to the history of their area. Because these institutions aren’t expected to make money hand over fist, there is usually a need for volunteers. This is where your love of history comes in handy. While most history enthusiasts tend to be more versed in military or national history, there are often similarly interesting stories about people from your area. Volunteering at a local museum is a great way to use your love of learning and share what you know with your fellow community members and visitors. The satisfaction of sharing what you love is what makes this one of the top three hobbies for history enthusiasts.

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