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The Year of the Fair


Let’s take a brief walk. Close your eyes and envision the sights and sounds of the county fair. Not just any fair, the Sebastian County Fair. Your fair, and the fair you went to as a child.

Can you smell the aromas of the midway concessions with a vendor handing you a caramel apple served with a smile? Maybe BBQ? Cheeseburger? Foot long corn dog? No, a funnel cake is the choice. WAIT! Don’t forget about the curly strings of potatoes with cheddar cheese.

Kids smiling, laughing, and maybe even a fun filled scream as they fly through the air on their favorite ride waving at their friends on ground level.

Walking hand in hand with your loved one taking in the true essence of the fair which is entertainment, and fun for everyone. A meeting place for friends, and a place to make new ones.

Photographers using the neon lights and background for photos, while Instagram selfies are taken by kids and couples looking for the perfect pose. Photobombers await perfect timing and placement.

Prize winning animals are discussed by varying ages who have worked hard for their moment of glory, with proud grandparents looking on. The farm is represented well. It’s a tradition and a means of life.

This journey is a snapshot of what you’ll come to expect this week at the 2019 Sebastian County Fair in Greenwood. Starting Tuesday, Aug. 20, with it’s last night on Saturday, August, 24.

Located at the Sebastian County Fairgrounds, slightly North of Greenwood High School, the 2019 Sebastian County Fair is “the year of the fair.”

For a complete list of events, attractions, and times, please visit the Sebastian County Fair website.

We’ll be looking for you!

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