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These Bulldog Sluggers Continue To Fight


At 3-4 in conference play, it’s apparent that the Waldron Bulldogs have found their rhythm and are on their way to becoming a well-oiled baseball machine. After taking on the Mena Bearcats in last nights match-up, the Bulldogs pushed through seven innings with all the steam they could muster but ended falling short 18-10.

Run Bulldogs Run! With two each was Ruben Valdez and Seth Hunt. And slapping one run apiece on the scorebard was Bryson Bailey, Clayton Montgomery, Braden Williams, Tyler Owens, Blake Owens, and Caden Fuller. Like Pat Benatar says “Hit me with your best shot,” the Bulldogs did just that. Seth brought in six hits. Braden made four. Tyler and Ruben each earned two. And Bryson, Blake and Caden lobbed out one apiece.

Nothing is getting past these Bulldogs while on field duty. Seth Hunt and Drake Carnley snagged four putouts. Ruben, Bryson, and Tyler scored three with Ruben also getting an assist. Caden and Clayton earned two and one respectively. And Blake pulled off two putouts and nine assists.

Four pitchers got to see the mound last night. Sophomore Bryson Bailey threw 17 pitches to four batters. Sophomore Braden Williams propelled 44 pitches to 11 batters striking out one. Sophomore Caden Fuller catapulted 54 pitches to 16 batters striking out one. And freshman Jayden McConnell hurled out 43 pitches to 15 batters.

Tonight, the Waldron Bulldogs will go toe to toe against rivals the 3-6 Mansfield Bulldogs in Mansfield. The game will start at 4:30 p.m.

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