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Three Waldron Residents Arrested for Shoplifting at Greenwood Walmart


According to a police report, on Monday, June 15, at 2:13 p.m., a Greenwood officer was dispatched to the Greenwood Walmart in reference to a shoplifting incident.

While en-route, the officer was informed that Walmart Employees had caught a group of individuals shoplifting, and attempted to stop them. Some, or all, of the subjects were fleeing from them. Upon arrival, the officer observed Walmart employees, two males, and a female standing in the fire lane in front of the store. Those employees pointed out two individuals in the parking lot. The officer moved toward them, and ordered them to his car.

The officer had the male place his hands on his car and attempted a pat down of his person. At the same time, another officer arrived and began to speak to and pat down the other male, identified as Cody Staggs of Sallisaw. The officer spoke to the employees, and in doing so, found that all of the individuals were in the store.

Then, suspect Wizdom McMurray of Waldron, became agitated, moving around and becoming loud. The officer instructed her several times to remain in front of the car.

Suspect Garry Smith of Waldron had a backpack on. Smith had alledgedly put merchandise in the backpack and left the store without paying for the merchandise. Employees informed the officers that prior to their arrival, another involved individual had went to the parking lot on foot and got into a grey Ford Focus. Officers checked the parking lot, found the vehicle, and the individual inside.

After gathering all the suspects at the front of the store, officers collected each individual’s information. Smith gave officers the name Dennis Smith and the birth date 2/14/88. Officers later found this to be incorrect. Smith would go on to give another name and multiple birth dates. Ultimately, he had to be finger printed to obtain his identity.

The other individuals were identified as Cody Staggs, Carlton Mathews of Waldron, and Wizdom McMurray. Dispatch located and confirmed a warrant for failure to appear, out of the City of Greenwood for Staggs’ arrest. They located and confirmed a warrant for absconding out of the Board of Parole for Mathews arrest. Smith was arrested for shoplifting and obstructing governmental operations. The suspects were transported to the Sebastian County Detention Center.

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