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Tigers And Hornets Prepare For Shootout


By Megan Hecox
The Mansfield Tigers and Hackett Hornets Sr High basketball teams will step up to the net and battle each other in tonights Hackett Invitational. Instead of being a tournament set-up, tonight’s event will be more like a round robin. There will be 4 teams involved in this two-day match-up. They include Booneville, Western Yell, Mansfield, and Hackett.
Today for Round 1, Booneville and Western Yell will get things started with the Sr High girls playing at 4 and the Sr High boys playing at 530. Ending the night will be Mansfield and Hackett. Sr High girls will play at 7 with the Sr High boys wrapping things up at 830.
“Court” will resume tomorrow November 20th with the teams changing up opponents. Mansfield will take on Booneville with the Sr High girls playing at 4 and the Sr High boys playing at 530. No jury selection will be needed when Hackett closes out the night against Western Yell with the Sr High girls playing at 7 and the Sr High boys playing at 830.
Both Mansfield and Hackett boys and girls teams are evenly matched with their 0-1 seasons so far. The Mansfield  Tigers fell to the Lavaca Arrows while the Hackett Hornets came up short against the Cedarville Pirates. With both teams stepping up ready to conquer the win, it really is anyone’s game.
The Hackett Invitational will take place in Hackett on Monday, November 19th and Tuesday, November 20th. The Tigers and the Hornets play today at 7/830. Tomorrow, Mansfield plays at 4/530 and Hackett plays at 7/830. You sure won’t want to miss all of the excitement that the next two days are going to produce.

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